Bikini Pictures From Women With Their Job Applications

Bikini Pictuers, Women, Job Applications

This Internship Requested Bikini Pictures From Women With Their Job Applications

A considerable measure of components go into a decent application for a temporary position: A solid CV, stellar suggestions, pertinent experience… and the capacity to look great in a two-piece? Hold up, what? A Czech atomic power station held a swimming outfit challenge with a specific end goal to choose another assistant. After individuals challenged the sexism of contracting female understudies in view of their looks (for an occupation that has nothing to do with displaying or two-pieces), the organization at last finished the challenge — however the way that it at any point occurred in any case boggles my psyche. What year would we say we are living in? What do bathing suits need to do with atomic power?

Bikini Pictuers, Women, Job Applications

Refresh: In a remark to Bustle, a representative for CEZ said that the excellence rivalry was sorted out by an outsider, “Maturantka roku,” which means “Graduate of the Year.” The representative underlined that the concise temporary job at CEZ was imagined as a prize for the victor of the magnificence rivalry, not as a look for another worker. In the wake of enabling individuals to vote in the opposition on its Facebook page for about a day, CEZ expelled the post and apologized. The organization did not declare a champ.

A week ago, the Temelín Power Station, claimed by CEZ, reported an opposition for “Miss Energy 2017.” According to CNN, the organization posted pictures of 10 female secondary school graduates, each wearing a two-piece and hardhat, on its Facebook page. (The post has since been evacuated.) The organization composed that whichever lady got the most “preferences” would win the title of “Miss Energy 2017” and a two-week-long temporary position at the power plant.

UPDATEBikini Pictuers, Women, Job Applications

Obviously, numerous Facebook clients hammered the opposition for being sexist. As indicated by TIME, one client remarked, “You locate the quantity of preferences under half-exposed photo of a young woman as satisfactory and additionally classy paradigm for a vocation opportunity that is advanced as ‘proficient?'”




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