Are you ready for some football … again? Hank Williams Jr.’s song returns to MNF

Are you ready for some football ... again? Hank Williams Jr.'s song returns to MNF
Hank Williams Jr. at the 40th anniversary of Monday Night Football in 2009. (Getty)

Gigantic news for the individuals who believe ESPN’s gone all delicate and politically right: Hank Williams Jr. is returning to Monday Night Football!

Six years in the wake of giving Williams the boot for remarks about then-president Obama, ESPN is bringing back the notorious “All My Rowdy Friends” signature tune (you know, “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?”) The melody will highlight some contemporary craftsmen in conjunction with ol’ Bocephus, and every week the tune’s verses will be refreshed to mirror that night’s amusements. The main airing will be Sept. 11 preceding the Saints-Vikings Adrian Peterson Revenge Game.

It’s been a short time, yet you recollect the Hank tune. It’s encoded in the DNA of each football fan. That is to say, simply look at this video:

Contender planes! Team promoters! The Statue of Liberty! Football! Fields of grain, for reasons unknown! Man, that just shouts AMERICA ideal in your face, isn’t that right?

Williams, a man so preservationist he won’t turn his truck departed, is cheerful to shout America into your face. What’s more, that outrageous patriotism got him into a touch of inconvenience in 2011. On “Fox and Friends,” Williams called Obama and afterward Vice President Joe Biden “the adversary,” and said of a golf excursion the president played with then-House Speaker John Boehner, “It would resemble Hitler playing golf with (Israeli pioneer) Benjamin Netanyahu.” Back in that kinder, gentler time, contrasting the president with Hitler really got you stuck in an unfortunate situation, and Williams got let go from the gig he’d held since 1989.

In any case, time mends all injuries—or, as a negative sort may state, ESPN is hoping to shore up resistance against the charge that it’s excessively liberal—thus Hank is back. ESPN authorities showed they expect a touch of kickback, however nothing they can’t deal with.

“I never stated, ‘Are you prepared for some football’ in front of an audience one time the last five or six years, yet I will now,” Williams disclosed to USA Today on Sunday. “I’m feeling at home and it’s a genuine good thing.”

Hank Williams Jr.'s song returns to MNF