New iPhone 8 Design Leaks


Investigating at one more week of news from Cupertino, the current week’s Apple Loop incorporates the unimaginable iPhone plan, the cost of Apple’s new cell phone, what’s going on with the new MacBooks, furious Mac clients, the patent arrangement amongst Apple and Nokia, enhancements to the Apple Watch, the Apple Pencil’s new outskirts, and Apple’s alter of course with its web program.

Apple Loop is here to help you to remember a couple of the a lot of talks that have occurred around Apple in the course of the most recent seven days (and you can read my week by week process of Android news here on Forbes).

Making The Impossible iPhone Possible

How do you reconcile the idea of Apple’s new iPhone having an almost bezel-less front display, and still have forward facing cameras and sensors at the top of the device? Forbes’ Gordon Kelly matches up some leaks and rumors to find out if there is an answer:

What both illustrate is the iPhone 8 will indeed have a near bezel-less design, but the front camera (or cameras) will not be under the display. Instead a cutout will be made which still leaves space for permanent information like the time, date and signal strength.

…while all this appears to add-up (and leaks have correctly revealed all major iPhone details ahead of launch for many years), the definitive word will only come when Tim Cook takes to the stage in September.

Don’t get too excited about the presumptively titled iPhone 8, because it’s going to come with a little bit of sticker shock. According to analyst reports, the flagship handset costs will start at $1,000. Gordon Kelly has more:

After all long overdue wireless charging and quick charging are also expected to arrive with this generation along with Touch ID integrated into the display. So given a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus already sells for $969 (and Apple needs to maintain its industry leading profit margins), $1,000 actually seems conservative….

Of course Apple isn’t shy about raising prices. The company increased MacBook Pro prices dramatically (and controversially) with the most recent generation and both sales and brand loyalty for the range continue to be strong. Furthermore iPhones have the considerable benefit of their cost being spread out via long term carrier contracts.

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